Mirage and Mole: Our Brand Story

Hello busy CEO, business owner and operator on the go….

You’re an enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate leader of your organisation, doing your best to navigate your way through these unprecedented times.

Your days are spent crammed full of appointments, juggling teams and resources trying to keep people safe and motivated, not to mention managing budgets and mapping out the strategic direction. However, with only limited hours in the day, you’re feeling like your efforts are only scratching the surface and you know that you need to keep moving forward, adapt and change with the times.

If you’re truly honest with yourself, it feels like you’re trapped on a merry-go-round and know that there has got to be a better and healthier way. And if something doesn’t change, you know that you and/or your business will be on the verge of collapse…..it’s just a matter of who wins the race first.

We understand! We’ve trodden these paths, worn the shoes and felt the pinch.  In 2019, we stepped back and realised that the way our organisations were operating needed innovation and change.

So, we made the leap, decided to break free from the norm and created a whole new paradigm.  One that would light fire in our bellies again and see our work transform numerous business types and people.

Today, we are a business hub of solutions, catering for an array of challenges, through our sales and marketing project services, change management pathways, social media presence packages and general business support services.  

Don’t take our word for it – see our testimonials! We have helped several businesses readjust their trajectory and/or provided short to medium-term support during lean or taxing times, giving business leaders the freedom and confidence to guide their business on their own terms.

Do you want to feel this freedom again by getting those projects and to-do lists expertly and successfully accomplished?

Then come along on an adventure with us and find new ways of working in the new, and very different, business world, one post-Brexit and hopefully one day post-Pandemic.